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'Peaceful Serenity' - For sale


Would you like to explore the wonderful world of watercolour?

Would you like to learn helpful tools and techniques to create your own unique watercolour paintings? 


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I am available for private, one to one tutoring either online or in person. In person tutoring is done from my home studio. Students must be 15 years or older. Suitable for beginner to advanced. Classes will be customised to suit individual needs. 

For one-off tuition, I do a 2 hour session for NZD120.00.

If you would like regular, weekly tuition, I do 1 hour sessions for NZD50.00 per hour for a minimum of 8 sessions. If you pay for 8 sessions upfront you receive a 10% discount.

Please enquire using the form below or purchase through the Shop.


Due to family commitments I am not currently teaching weekly classes. This may change later in 2024 or next year.


Are you an art club or society?  I am available for painting demonstrations for you and your members.  


Normally the demos are from 1-2 hours in duration and based on a subject which we can decide together prior. Many groups add a follow on workshop for an additional fee.


​Please contact me via email to discuss a demo opportunity.

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Upcoming workshops at Uxbridge Art Centre, Howick


Intro to Watercolours

Saturday, 13th April 2024

10am-3pm Studio 3, Uxbridge

Watercolour Travel Journals

Saturday, 25th May 2024

10am-3pm Studio 3, Uxbridge

Leather Journal: Bound with Beauty

Saturday, 27th May 2024

10am-3pm Studio 2, Uxbridge

Contemporary Watercolours

Saturday, 17th August 2024

10am-3pm Studio 2, Uxbridge

Intro to Watercolours

Thursday, 26th September 2024

10am-3pm Studio 3, Uxbridge

Simplifying Watercolours

Saturday, 19th October 2024

10am-3pm Studio 2, Uxbridge

Visit the Uxbridge site here for more specific information about class content and enrolment. 


Thanks for your message. I'll be in contact soon.

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